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How it all works?

Create proposals & on-chain invoices

Create a proposal & share it with your client. When approved, simply create an on-chain Smart Invoice for your client to lock the funds in.


Secure your payments & get the job done

Your client locks the funds in a dedicated on-chain escrow, you get the work done. It’s that easy.


Receive your payments on time.

Your client approves your deliverables, the funds are unlocked automatically.

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Your Freelancing Dashboard

Our dashboard provides a hub for managing all your invoicing needs. Monitor invoice statuses, track payments, and assess your financial performance, all in one place.

Smart Invoicing

With Payant, create proposals, on-chain invoices, and secure funds using on-chain escrow, all with no third-party involvement or fees.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

Payant offers multi-chain compatibility on both Ethereum and Polygon. Enjoy seamless access and flexibility for you and your clients across these two robust blockchain networks.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Rest easy knowing that potential conflicts can be resolved efficiently and fairly with Payant Mediation. We integrate with Kleros to ensure a secure and fair dispute resolution system.

You're not the only one

of freelance invoices are paid late.
of the female freelancers paid late
of freelancers are paid with crypto
more late payements when using crypto vs fiat
Emile Van Zyle
Founder of Community Juice

Finally, a solution that ensures trust and transparency for both me and my clients and provides a safe and easy way to ensure I get paid, and ensure the client receives the deliverables.

Zara Zamani
CSO at Chromia

The reality is that clients and contractors still don’t have the full confidence in transactions as they do in web 2.0. Therefore, I am excited about the rise of Payant.

Regan Oelze
Founder of Minted Mojito

As a contractor at the intersection between Web2 and Web3, a solution like Payant not only brings me serious peace of mind to know that I will get paid on time, but it's a solution that my clients can get behind.

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Core Team Members

Emily Rose Dallara


Antoine Wallet

Head of Product


David Meister

Tech Advisor - Rain Protocol

Bridget Greenwood

Business Advisor - 200bn Club

David Atkinson

Tech Advisor - Rain Protocol

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