Get paid on time.

Tired of getting paid late or worse, getting ghosted by web 3 and crypto companies who owe you money? Sign up for Payant and never chase an invoice again.

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You're not the only one struggling with this.

Regan Oelze
Founder of Minted Mojito

I cannot wait for Payant's release. As a contractor at the intersection between Web2 and Web3, a solution like Payant not only brings me serious peace of mind to know that I will get paid on time, but it's a solution that my clients can get behind.

Zara Zamani
CSO at Chromaway

As a builder in web 3.0, although the foundation of this new generation web is built around transparency, the reality is that clients and contractors still don’t have the full confidence in transactions as they do in web 2.0. Therefore, I am excited about the rise of Payant.

Emile Van Zyle
Founder of Community Juice

Finally, a solution that ensures trust and transparency for both me and my clients and provides a safe and easy way to ensure I get paid, and ensure the client receives the deliverables. Most crypto solutions are complicated but Payant is easy to use for anyone. Game changing for us!

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Why is it so hard to get paid?

Well, founder Emily often asked herself the same thing.  

She got paid late more times than she can count in the 7 years she worked as a contractor in Web 3 and Crypto, and the big companies were the worst. She was so over chasing invoices, that she decided to build a solution herself.

of freelance invoices are paid late.
of the female freelancers paid late
of freelancers are paid with crypto
more late payements when using crypto vs fiat

No more what if's.

With Payant, you get access to a Smart Escrow that secures all your invoices so you never get paid late again.

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Web 2.5

Absolutely no technical knowledge is required.

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Smart Invoices

Make and receive payments via a simple web3 escrow.

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We remove the trust between contractors & clients.

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Case Resolution

An upcoming feature for much needed peace of mind.

Secure your
payment in minutes.

1. Create your invoice

2. Payant sends the invoice to your client

3. Your client locks the funds in Payant

4. Get the work done & upload it!

5. Your client reviews it, and you get paid!

What does it cost?

During our private beta: nothing!

The pricing below will launch with the public beta.

Coming Soon

Guarantee your payments
from $29/month


Make getting paid easy.

Up to 5 invoices per month
Email support
$ 29.99


Grow your business with guaranteed payments and deliverables.

Everything included in Starter
Up to 15 invoices per month
24/7 live chat support
Coming soon


Manage all your clients and contractors with peace of mind.

Everything included in Business
Unlimited invoicing
Premium support
Dedicated account manager
Coming soon

Meet our incredible team

Frequently Asked Questions


What currencies do you support?

Right now you can send/receive USDC on the Ethereum network via Payant. However, Payant is EVM compatible which means that following the public Beta we will open up to more, eventually adding in fiat currencies like USD, EUR and GBP.


Does it cost me anything to make a transaction?

There will be a small transaction associated with sending funds and withdrawing funds from the Smart Escrow. This will fluctuate depending on the price of your transaction and how full the network is.


What if I uploaded the deliverables and my client ghosts me?

Right now if there are deliverables uploaded, and the client doesn’t take any action, the payment will be automatically unlocked after 90 days.  


What if I am not happy with the deliverables?

We suggest trying to contact the contractor first, but if you don’t sort it out- we offer a mediation service ( coming soon ).

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